Not just family-based immigration law

While Reingold Law is first and foremost an immigration law firm, we are proud to have represented or advised clients in a variety of other legal matters, including Washington state professional licensing issues, contract drafting and review, and consumer finance, among others.

Now, that does not mean that we do not know our limits. Whenever we believe that we are not the right law firm for your problem, we will help you find one that is.       

Examples of non-immigration matters that Reingold Law has handled include:

  1. Represented federal employee in gender discrimination dispute before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over the denial of insurance benefit coverage to a same-sex spouse, which resulted in an award of back pay, ongoing relief and attorney fees.

  1. Represented father in post-divorce proceedings to enforce visitation rights and defend against DV protection order; won make-up visitation and denial of protection order; subsequently, successfully brought contempt motion, which was granted, including award of civil penalty and attorney fees.

  1. Advised workers comp claimant on retaliatory actions by employer, resulting in resolution satisfactory to claimant and continued appropriate employment, without resorting to litigation.

  1. Advised individuals seeking early termination of consumer financing agreement, resulting in cancellation of promissory note and agreement without resorting to litigation, saving thousands of dollars for clients who otherwise would have been forced to pay for years under the note.  

  1. Advised individual in attorney fee dispute with another lawyer, resolving the dispute without resorting to litigation and saving thousands of dollars for the client.

  1. Drafted settlement agreement in personal injury dispute to avoid litigation.

  1. Advised client in modifying and negotiating music production contract.

  1. Advised small business client on sales rep contract with major manufacturer.

  1. Advised small business clients on trademark matters.

• Advised residential tenants on early termination of lease agreements and avoiding litigation.